Jesse Canata – My Story– Being born in a small New Jersey town as the odd and ‘too sensitive’ child, it wasn’t long before I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Of course, the truth was, I Knew what people were feeling. Even after experiencing a great deal of early trauma, including abandonment and sexual abuse, I still felt deeply and knew what people were feeling and I just wanted to make them happy – or make it better. My young instincts had me laying hands on people or massaging them. Even as a child I could feel the energy and somehow, I understood it. It seems I knew my Purpose early on. ​Of course, as I grew up and tried to ‘fit in’, I lost track of this Purpose.

After realizing my education in Cosmetology didn’t fit me, I headed to New York City where I gathered many experiences. My resume grew to include Sandwich maker, Flyer Promotion, Barista, Stage Manager. I also worked in a Night Club and even a Voice Over Studio and my desire to Direct Movies began to grow. ​A surprise trip around the world, experiencing different cultures, changed me, and led me to San Diego to reconnect with my biological Mother – And so, began my Healing Journey. ​Since I had always been told I have Great Hands, I thought Massage would be a way to support my Director’s education, but an interesting surprise was coming my way. My Massage training turned out to be the most supportive space for me to dive deeper into my own healing. As I let go of the old hurts and self doubt, I also reconnected to my gifts, and accepted them…And I realized This is my Passion, and let go of the Movie Director idea.

I continued to hone my gifts and skills through the Holistic Health Practitioner program, and here I flourished! ​Even today, I continue my professional education and my healing journey through seminars, Coaches, trainings and support from my best teachers: my Friends, family and my clients. ​As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master and Worldwide Women’s Circle Luminary Leader, I am now able to Be who I came here to Be! I am Shamama, Healer of Hearts. So, when you sit in Circle with me, or come for a Holistic “Jesse Massage” you get the best of my gifts of Intuition, Empathy, Compassion, Vulnerability, Authenticity and Unconditional Love. As my gift of Mediumship grows, you may even receive a message from a Loved on who has passed.

I am here to listen, love and guide you beyond your negative thought patterns and behaviors towards becoming your best self!! I see your Light and the Love that you are. I am here to inspire you to see it too! I Love doing this work, and I am excited to share with you all I do: Massage, Reiki, Worldwide Women’s Circle, Intuitive Counselling, Reiki Circles, Authentic Movement Circles, Meditations and soon to come Mediumship (although this one shows up, it’s often not in my control at the moment). My services continue to grow as I grow! I look forward to providing support and loving care to you!!!!

— Jesse Canata, H.H.P./ Reiki Master/ Intuitive Counselor
Return to Wholeness
13514 Pomerado Rd, Suite L
Poway, CA 92064 858-603-2801

If you know of someone who would appreciate the level of service I provide, please have them call me. I’ll be happy to take great care of them.